Sunday, June 24, 2012

WIP and a Finish

About a year ago, my grandmother gave me a pattern to check out that was a Bargello purse.  She bought all the materials to make it, but she wanted me to make it for her (even though she is a great quilter).  When I was home last weekend, she gave me the supplies and this week, I got to work on it. 
Here is one set of the strips.  I have one more piece to add and then I will sew it into the tube. 

These are the other strips.  All mixed up and ready to be pieced. 

 After seeing this review on Sew Sweetness about Jeni's Lined Drawstring Bag, I knew I had to make one.  I followed Jeni's tutorial and added the pockets like Terri said in this tutorial.  The only thing that I did differently than the tutorials was that I sewed across the pockets 1.5" from the middle on each side to make room for the bottom.  I didn't want small things to fall straight to the bottom and really under the bag when I put them in the pockets.    I love the way this bag turned out.  It is a great size without being too small or too large.  While cutting, I cut enough to make several more bags.  I also want to make a bag out of Flea Market Fancy very similar to the one that Terri made on her review with one solid outer fabric and the pocket.  I will be making this bag again for sure!   
fabric from Hobby Lobby

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Quilts for Kids

Here are the two quilts I made for the Downy Touch of Comfort Quilts for Kids. 

The Cars quilt is the one I received the kit from Downy to make.  It included everything by the binding.  I intended to fold over the backing to make the binding.  Without even thinking, I squared up the quilt after quilting and cut the extra backing right off!  The next morning, I ran out and bought some bias tape to use for the binding.  This quilt is different from other things I have made in several ways.  First off, it had to be heavily quilted to withstand the many harsh washes at the hospital.  Also, the binding needed to be zig-zag stitched so that it would not get caught on IVs.  I think this quilt turned out great!  I am glad I was able to make this Cars quilt for a child in the hospital.  I hope it brightens their day.

For receiving the quilt kit, they ask that you also donate a quilt that meets their specifications.  I was already working on three smaller quilts using a Hullabaloo jelly roll that I bought a while back.  Since they sent me fabric for a boyish quilt, I knew I wanted to make a girly one to send as my donation.  Since the center was square, I just added larger borders to the top and bottom.  The pink border is a print I picked up from my LQS but was not from the same line.  It matches nicely though. 
Now all I need to do is get them in the mail! 

Working Hard!

Over the past week, I have been working hard to finish up lots of different projects.  As I said last time, my sewing room has to turn into the baby's nursery so I am losing my table and lots of space.  Never fear, I have stashed all my fabric and things in the closet.  :)

 This is a quilt top that I made before we moved.  The pattern is Chopsticks from Julie at Jaybird Quilts.  The fabric is a mix of two lines by Deb Strain: Fresh and Fresh Flowers.  The two collections work well together and use the same colors.  My favorite prints are the blue ones. 

For the backing of this quilt, I chose to go a different direction.  I knew when I dug the top out, I was going to give this quilt to a friend who is expecting a baby girl in late August.  Since they are Clemson fans, I saw the orange polka dots and knew it would be perfect.  Although you may not be able to see in the pictures, several of the prints include orange in them.  I can't wait to give this quilt to her soon.
 After working on it for about two years, this quilt is finally finished (well, except for the binding...coming soon).  I started it one afternoon thinking it would be fairly quick.  The pattern is Mini Wild Thing from the Pint-Size Pattern by Camille of Thimble Blossoms.  When I bought this fabric a long time ago, I just bought a charm pack.  I never thought of trying to find more at the time in case I needed it later.  Needless to say, when I began actually working on this quilt I did not have fabric for the borders or the backing.  I went on a mad hunt for some that coordinated and this what what I found.  I know that flowers are not the best option for boys but it was all I could find.  I don't think he will mind too much.  :)
I was so afraid of messing up the quilting, I sent the quilt to a long arm quilter.  When we moved, we didn't know we moved near the largest quilt shop in Georgia!  I took the quilt to A Scarlet Thread to be quilted.  The pattern was called Van Gogh.  This is a close up of the quilting which turned out great!  My last task for today is to prepare the binding for it before I put away my machine.  Hopefully stitching on the binding will keep me occupied for a while. 

I also finished both of the quilts for Quilts for Kids, but I feel like they deserve their own post. 

I can't believe all that I have finished in such a short period of time!  I am very proud of myself and disappointed that it may be a while before I finish another large project.  Unless I take over the kitchen table.  :)