Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sewing for Sister and Baby

After enjoying a nice, long weekend in the Upstate, it was back to our world on Tuesday.  Since then, I have worked on making two bags for my sister.  She loves her gathered clutch I made her over a year ago.  Unfortunately, it looks dingy and she has too much in it.  She requested a larger bag that can hold her money and receipts.  After seeing the Wide Mouth Bag on Noodlehead, I figured this may be the one.  The zipper is attached in a special way so that the top of the bag opens very wide.

Below you can see the two different bags I made.  The top one follows the original tutorial as far as size.  However, I decided that it was too tall for her to keep her money in.  I decided to make another bag two inches shorter.  The bottom is what it turned out like.  I am happy with the bag, but do not like the way the divider did in the middle.  I will have to keep working on that.  Overall, the bag will serve its purpose.  Now I have to make another one for her friend just like the little one. 

Since coming back home, I have spent a lot of time thinking about what we still need for baby.  One thing I knew we needed were some burp cloths.  I have been saving this blue, green, and gray flannel for a special project, and I believe this is it!  The green I am using to make some cloth wipes that we can use for anything.  I also found some white chenille and some blue terrycloth that I am going to use for the back of some of the cloths.  I can't wait for baby to be here and be able to use all these things!  Only 8 more weeks until his due date!  :)