Friday, November 11, 2011

New Projects

I have started many new projects and even a whole new hobby (bad news for the bank account!) 

I have made several simple knit and fleece baby blankets and also more make-up bags using the same tutorial.

I finished up the quilt top (except for cutting off the excess triangles on the edges) of the Chopsticks quilt.  Since it has no recipient right now, I have decided to move on to another quilt.

This quilt is for a co-worker of P's.  She is expecting a baby girl in February.  I fell in love with the Ruby line as soon as I saw it in quilts.  We chose the Lattice Baby Quilt design from Moda Bake Shop for this quilt.  Here are the squares laid out so far.  There are so many mini polka dot prints that it was hard to find a good arrangement.  I just keep reminding myself that there will be (cream) sashing in between.  :)

Here are some other things I have picked up had delivered recently.  Two charm packs of Terrain and a set of fat quarters of Little Apples.  The Little Apples set is my Christmas present so I can't cut into it just yet. 

My new hobby is crochet.  Another blogger posted a link to information about Crochet School taught in videos by Craftyminx.  I have really enjoyed logging on each night to see if there is something new to do.  I also know how to knit, but I keep forgetting how to purl.  I also never finished many projects (except some dish cloths and I am almost through with my scarf.)  Crochet was hard the first time I tried it (before knitting), but now makes a lot more sense.  It is easier since there is just one hook for the entire project and only several basic stitiches when combined in different ways yeild different designs.  I plan to try to crochet some baby blankets just to test it out.

I loved the format of the class because she taught one stitch at a time.  We then completed about 4 rows of each type and they built on each other to form this neat little swatch that I can use as a reference later. 

I also croched three granny squares as a part of a lesson, but I somehow lost two along the way.  :( 

I learned how to crochet in the round and made this little swatch. 

We are now working on reading crochet patterns so that we can make many different things.  She made a pattern from some wrist warmers.  Here is my start.  I don't know what I will do with the finished project, but since I lost the other granny squares I need something for the next lesson. 
I also learned painfully that my tension is very tight.  I had to crochet the gague swatch for this pattern abotu four times!  I had to go up 3 hook sizes!!!  I will be sure to remember this next time to save myself the time and effort. 

Off to Michael's to use my coupon and get some yarn for more projects.  :)