Friday, February 22, 2013

Trying New Things

After reading other quilting and seeing blogs for several years, I have seen lots of amazing free motion quilting. This means that the quilter (most of them) does not use the machine to help move the quilt to make stitches. Because I don't draw well I always assumed that it would be too hard. I think I did try a looooong time ago, but I didn't know what I was doing and tried to stitch over.a piece of paper with a pattern while using the feed dogs on the machine. What a disaster!
I have, in the past few, weeks watched many YouTube videos from Leah Day's The Free Motion Quilting Project. She has many, many videos in which she demonstrates quilting different designs.
I also was inspired after watching the videos from a QAL at Pile O Fabric. She also includes lots of helpful information for newbies (and made me want to join in with the QAL). However, I have a lot already on my plate with moving. I also don't want to make and then ruin by quilting all those blocks.
Yesterday while Collin napped, I got everything set up. Well, I should have ordered a few more tools but went for it without them. Below you can see my first attempt at stippling. There were a few places where my lines crossed. I am still very proud of myself for attempting this. I now know that with a little more practice, it is do-able!