Saturday, August 27, 2011

Long Time No Blog!

Wow!  It has been a while since I have posted.  Since my last post, we have attended a wedding (P's best friend's wedding to be exact), enjoyed time with family, and started back to school. 

I can not say enough about my class this year.  I am so excited to really get into it in the next few weeks.  They have been wonderful with only a few small conflicts.  :)  They are all precious and sooooo sweet. 

As a late birthday present, P let me order some fabric I have been dying to get. 
Tidbits and Treasures

When I was ordering, jelly rolls were on sale, too.  I couldn't resist buying this Hullabaloo jelly roll. 
Look at that top!  I can't even unwrap it. 


I have finished quilting my dad's quilt.  Now I am working on the binding.  This is what I was doing last night.  I love to work on binding while watching my favorite shows.  I chose to bind it using the same brown from the front of the quilt.  Only a side and a half left to go!  It needs to be done by the 9th when I go back home.  I'm sure it will be done.  I calculated last night that this quilt has about 182 straight lines quilted on it.  That's a lot, but it looks great.  I will NEVER quilt lines that close together again!
Now I am working on a very special project for one of my best friends.  She has been asking for years for a blue and brown quilt.  She is getting married in two weeks, and I just started on her quilt.  She also chose blue and brown as the colors for her wedding.  I bought the paisley fabric a few years ago at a quilt show.  My grandmother said she was going to buy it if I wanted it and we ended up buying all that was left on the bolt (because they gave you a % off if you bought it all and it was already 50% off).  I knew that it was going to be used for this special friend, but I debated for a long time on what pattern I wanted to use.  I finally settled on using the Fractured Pinwheels pattern from the book 24 Hour Quilts.  Here are the strips cut into triangles and ready to be sewn back together.    
 Here are the two blocks that will make up the quilt.  I have made 5 blocks.  Only 15 more to go!
  I am loving this quilt and I know that she will love it too!

This afternoon, I will be home alone.  :)  I hope to finish some more quilt blocks as well as work on some seat belt covers to take to family when I go home.  Oh, and another collapsible market tote for my grandmother's birthday.  I love weekends!